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About Us

``Traveling is walking toward the horizon, meeting the other, knowing, discovering and getting richer than when the walk started.``

Luis Sepúlveda


We are 3 young guys from Apulia with the desire to give voice to the invaluable historical, cultural, food-and-wine and naturalistic heritage that we are called to preserve and promote.
We are sure that through technology and the correct use of socials, a revolution can be done through the enhancement and enjoy the territory by breaking down linguistic, social or spatial barriers.



Trawellit is an integrated online and offline system to promote tourism and cultural heritage and creating networks between tourists, tour guides, companies, and institutions.
The enhancement takes place through an app with interactive multilingual maps of the museums and sites of interest of the Municipalities and a showcase for businesses, a website with online booking management of guided tours and a bookshop, the creation of events and meetings of training, and a strong promotional action through socials and offline communication channels.


Brief History

In 2017 the idea of ​​Trawellit was born as a system to respond to the demand for enjoy of cultural heritage by tourists, especially foreigners, who visit the "Fiorelli" Museum in Lucera, where Paolo delli Carri carried out his post graduate civil service.
2018 is the year of experiments, of intense work, collaborating with many young professionals (translators, voice actors, photographers) to develop and promote the app, making it a palatable service from any institution (the “Apricena Sculture in Corso” app is also created for the Municipality of Apricena).
Here we are in the year of innovation: in 2019 Trawellit becomes an integrated online and offline promotion system. So Paolo leaves for Japan thanks to the relationship established with the association Only Food, and more precisely takes place in the "10th Wine & Gourmet Japan" Fair in Tokyo April 17-19 2019. In September, Paolo involves Bianca Iafelice and his sister Enza delli Carri in the project and they decided to propose Trawellit for the funds of the Apulia Region PIN-Pugliesi Innovativi, then they won it on
20 November 2019.
Thanks to this fund, Trawellit srl was born on 31 January 2020, an innovative startup company with Paolo, Bianca and Enza as associates.

Paolo delli Carri - founder and associate

Art historian and licensed tour guide, social media expert and app developer.

Bianca Iafelice - CEO and associate

Product manager with decades of experience in communication, technologies and promotion of the territory.

Enza delli Carri - associate

Sales account, graduating in law with established communication, organizational and fund raising skills.


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